Tuesday, May 9, 2017

CCSD Bright Spot: Changing Mathematical Mindsets

In Donna Boucher's Math Coach's Corner Blog, she compares learning your ABCs to your 123s, in that when people say they aren't good at math, others may laugh, or even agree that they aren't either, and that's socially acceptable. But if someone says they are not good at reading, the reaction is much different. 

I know that I, for one, used to be the one who said that I just wasn't good at math. I truly believed it. Then I had a teacher who helped me develop a growth mindset in math. I didn't know that terminology at the time, but I did know that I finally understood number concepts and started feeling more confident in my mathematical abilities. When I started working more closely with our district's Elementary Math Coordinators, Sheila Messmer and Jen Overley, I learned that huge strides are being made in Cherry Creek School toward helping students develop positive mathematical mindsets. Check out my video below to learn more...

For more information about Mathematical Mindsets, check out videos from 
Jo Boaler on YouTube and Stanford University's youcubed site.

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