Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Summer Learning Opportunities 2017

If you are searching for opportunities to brush up on your technology integration skills and learn about new ways to be innovative with technology, here are some conferences and classes to think about attending/taking over the summer...

CCSD SLA- (Cherry Creek's Summer Learning Academy) June 5-9, ISF (Instructional Support Facility) and Thunder Ridge Middle School

This is a conference for CCSD educators with sessions taught by Cherry Creek teachers, coaches, and leaders. Sessions focus on English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English Language Acquisition, Technology, and World Language.   

InnEdCO-  June 12-15, Keystone, CO

InnEdCO stands for Innovative Education Colorado. The goal of the conference is "to help teachers integrate technology tools with 21st Century skills, into all content areas." It's always a great conference for teachers, tech. coordinators, and district leaders. You'll see several CCSD presenters here as well.

BLC- Building Learning Communities- July 20-22, Boston, MA
If you have ever heard Alan November speak, or have read one of his books, you know why this conference is a recommended one. There will be multiple, excellent keynotes including Rob Evans and Christy LaPaglia, and, as usual, Alan November will serve as the host of the conference. This conference focuses on creating and enhancing relationships for more meaningful teaching and learning enhanced by technology.

Schoology NEXT- July 23-26, Chicago, IL

If you are already a power user of Schoology or if you are just getting started in using this great learning management system, this is a fantastic conference! One of the highlights of the conference is learning about upcoming additions and improvements to Schoology before anyone else, and I can tell you there are some great upgrades coming! Tracks for breakout sessions will include:
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Assessments, Data, and Informed Decision-Making
  • Innovative Instructional Practices
  • Inside Schoology

There are many online courses 
being offered this spring and summer through eNet Learning Online. These courses can be taken for graduate credit, but every participant will receive CEU credits. Some of the courses offered include Designing Blended Learning, Curate, Collaborate, and Create: A Wealth of Resources, and Creativity in the Mobile Classroom. Click here to learn more about the courses offered. 

Dominican University Online
Are you switching grade levels or content areas next year? Do you want to integrate more technology with your curriculum next year but have trouble finding the time to plan and do your research? If what you need is time, and you want to earn credit for it, then check out the Dominican University Online course, Maximize Student Success Through Enhanced Instructional Design. Through this course, you can earn up to 6 credits this summer doing what you already do, planning to help engage all learners in your classroom.

Hopefully you have found something here to pique your interest and save yourself from boredom during the summer months. If your summer is already full of travel and family time, stay tuned to learn about more learning opportunities when we return in August.


If you are interested in learning more about Blended Learning, iLearnCollaborative is a great choice. Courses are online, so you can work on your skills from the comfort of home, on the beach, at the pool, at your in-law's house... and earn credits. Colorado educators get a special discount. Click here to get more information about the discounted prices.

ISTE- June 25-28, San Antonio, TX

The International Society of Education (ISTE) is hosting their annual conference in San Antonio June 25-28. With over 1,000 sessions and 15,000 educators, this conference brings like-minded educators together from all over the world. Keynote speakers include Jenny Magiera, Jad Abumrad, and Reshma Saujani.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Things We Wish Every Teacher Knew About Technology...

One of my favorite people to follow on social media is EdTech superstar Richard Byrne.  He provides a wide myriad of useful insight, practices, and tools on his blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  This post is inspired by one of his posts which he published on February 19.  Before writing his post he took to Twitter to prompt his followers to reply to the following prompt, "The things I wish every teacher knew about technology..."  I found the post fascinating and I hope you do too when you have the chance to check it out.

Our department has decades worth of EdTech/teaching experience and passion to share so I thought I would compile some thoughts from us too.  Here are the things (in no particular order) we wish every teacher knew about teaching with technology:

Rachel Advincula, CCSD Online Learning Coordinator, @radvincula95

"Technology tools are an important part of an inclusive community that supports learning for all of your students."

Shannon Burbano, CCSD Digital Learning Coach, @stb_44

"�your students will know more than you sometimes. And that�s good! Let your students be the experts, ask for their help, and be open and willing to learn from them."

Amber Paynter, CCSD Digital Learning Coordinator, @Amber_Paynter

"Technology can transform teaching and learning!  Engage, motivate, differentiate, innovate and shake things up for your students!  The risk is worth the reward!"

Kris Edwards, CCSD Digital Learning Coach, @kcedwards25

"...technology can make your life as a teacher easier, from greater student engagement to proactive parent communication."

Nanci Meza, CCSD Digital Learning Coach, @NMezaTechLearn

"Technology is not an event. It�s a tool to help students access content, raise their engagement, and personalize their learning experience."

As for me (@JayVeanCCSD), I like to remind teachers that technology is not a goal or an outcome.  It's there to add value to your instruction and to support classroom achievement.  Continue to sharpen your perspective on this "value added" approach and you'll maximize your success with technology integration in your learning environment.

The #CCSDTech team hopes you gained some useful perspective in the post and we look forward to supporting your efforts moving forward.  Please be in touch with any of us (via our request from or email) if you would like perspective and/or support.  We are ALWAYS more than happy to help.

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